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Thinking Out Loud #25

Looks like 9 (okay not really!), feels like 90.. what am I??

A rather random start to a day post isn’t it? Befitting – given the theme to Thinking Out Loud, thanks to our brain-saver/hostess Amanda.  Of course I am all sorts of giddy that today is a “double-whammy” celebration 😀 .



1.  Every food that passes my lips turns to gold. I wish I was kidding. That’s the way it seems though, because how else would I have an unspoken reputation of “she who only eats healthy food”? The cookie I ate probably had beans in, the bag of chips was high in magnesium, the chocolate has antioxidants, the cupcakes‘ protein wipes out the effect of its colorants, the spinach… ulp, well. Listen up people! Can I just eat the damn food because I want it!?! Not because it does 5.5 bajillion things to my scalp and toenails, darn it. It’s like, by succeeding in diminishing myself to a dissolving bag of bones, automatically means I harness the secret to the inner workings of everyone’s body. Yech.


2. Oh on the topic of cupcakes! No doubt the family will be revealing some baked creation later today, but I decided it a good idea to warm up with something of my own yesterday. Alright I was inpatient. I wanted a baked goodie.

chocolate chunk oatmeal muffins

chocolate chunk oatmeal muffins

This recipe caught my eye a long while back, and a recurring vision had me back-tracking to it. I’m growing wise people – I know better than to be without chocolate, so while chocolate chips weren’t available.. I got to work at shattering a bar of 70% . Mmmhm.. guess what I had for lunch? Hint: it was freshly baked, fluffy and oatmealy, and filled with melty chocolate chunks.


3. I recall learning a life lesson in the mystery of needing to pee upon entering the office. Picture this: entering a fitting room with an armful of dresses, then having to abandon everything in the search of a loo. Needless to say, I was not going to even bother with deriving some message out of that. I was bloomin’ annoyed. And diseased.

I need to do this!

I need to do this!

picture source


4. Proof of an excellent recipe is in it’s flexibility. As – I have discovered – is the case with this fool-proof formula for cake batter oatmeal pudding. It was one of those recipes instantly filed in my brain for a rainy busy, bumper-to-bumper day. Tuesday with its string of appointments called for a first meal that delivers. I got more than I bargained for; in both taste and satiety. I was slightly apprehensive at first, given that I was transgressing from the original guidelines: using 1 cup of coconut milk, excluding the coconut flour, and the coconut. My sweetener of choice was about a tablespoon of honey stirred through immediately after mixing the egg in.

breakfastTopped with smooth peanut butter – I am totally envying the big man with his CRUNCHY form. Oh.my.goose. This was incredible. The texture had me swooning! I usually never experience a strong sense of fullness while consuming breakfast, but seriously – I was stuffed toward the end and fridged the rest for a snack later in the day. It served as a good token of trust; my body is more than capable of telling me when it’s had enough. That said, this is now on my regular rotated breakfast list.


5. I underestimated my level of love, and ultimately the time-span of polishing off my first box of oatbran. After a short period without, I am happily reunited. Allow me to throw a photo of yesterday’s breakfast at you..

breakfast-oatbranI’m loving a little coconut oil stirred through post-cooking. This particular bowl was layered with yogurt and cinnamon, topped with strawberries, honey and peanut butter.


6. I woke up to the most gorgeous email I could ask for! The lady herself may be residing across the wide, blue ocean – but she makes a pretty great impact in bringing a smile to my face [if it’s in hiding] or enabling my existing one to grow 🙂 .

smilingpicture source


7. As off this weekend begins the most marvellously important -busy- month of the year for me. I want to be “there” every single second.. experiencing with all my senses. I’ve spent some time reflecting on things; thus concludes my decision to step away from the magnetic pull of technology, the blog world as well. 32 days maximum. Not having any blogging schedule, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you lovely humans know I will miss you something crazy… aaaand I hope I will be missed too 😉 .


Until then. Happy days!

Back to the riddle I started off with: what am I?


Don’t forget to miss me!!



10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #25

  1. Third time saying it but three times is better than two 🙂 : Happy Birthday!
    Missing you already <3! Because I figure that pulling away from technology unfortunately will include mails… sigh.
    And your need to run for the toilets right upon entering the shops sound eerily like me. Even if I make a conscious effort to drink less you know I still need to look for the – nasty at times – toilets. How do others do it??
    I like that you like oat bran and I'm still proud of introducing it to you. Hm, given you're not the first I convinced maybe I need to consider suggesting the oat bran board to hire me as their spokesperson??!

    • Oh indeed 😀 . You should know that you made my day extra special ❤ !
      Uhm, I am going to be making your day [perhaps]: I've been pondering (that's a worry yes) , and as emails are more "now and again" as oppose to on the daily; I figure I will most likely continue bugging you 😀 .
      Ironically – it would be the case hey? The ones that are least comfortable with strange loos – the occasion would arise in using them. Probably teaching us to "butch up" !?
      I'm not entirely certain the exact moment your nudging toward oat bran clicked – but taking your persuading ability in regard to the product; I'd say that would bode well for the board yes 😉 .

      • Yesss. You made my day :D. Looking forward to the next ‘bug’.
        And you could be right in your toilet assumption. Though I honestly wouldn’t mind missing out on those lessons…

  2. Long distance friendships can be an amazing thing, and you gotta love the blog world for that 😀 Honestly… I couldn’t even imagine life without some of the fabulous people I’ve met through blogging. That kind of thing goes way beyond “blend” status.

    And I’m pretty sure I need to reintroduce oat bran into my life. I used to love that stuff, and then somehow switched over to solely using quick oats. Miss the creaminess!

    • You said it! It’s amazing how powerful in impact someone so far can have in “filling” up ones soul 🙂 .

      I can’t believe it took me such a long time to commit to picking up a box. That said, I can’t imagine life without regular oatmeal either 😀 .

  3. I have never made oatbran but love Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal. I don’t know what it is really besides like oatmeal, but I love it! You need crunchy PB. It’s so much better than smooth!

    • Yeah I believe oat bran is supposedly similar to oatmeal, but in the same breath – totally completely different. Hah I am such a contradiction! But really, oat bran has a more “sweeter” flavour to oatmeal, and the texture is divinely puddingy 🙂 .
      I was in love with CRUNCHY all along! Don’t laugh but, ever the careful human [in recent times], once the braces came into the picture I bid bye to CRUNCHY.

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  5. Hi great blog! Does running a blog like this take a massive amount work?
    I’ve no expertise in computer programming but I had been hoping to
    start my own blog soon. Anyways, should you have any recommendations or techniques for new
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    • Myself being not a devoted blogger to say the least, I’ll say it isn’t a massive amount of work…writing takes time – but that’s it for me. Of course the effort is more profound when blogging on a larger scale as is evident. All the best 🙂 .

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