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I will not pretend to NOT care

I could regret this when I collapse into an exhaustion–induced coma. If there’s anything I’ve learnt about myself though, is that attempting sleep – even if we’re talking those two precious free hours – while having this passion run through my veins will prove fruitless. I almost believe that all that restless tossing and turning only expands more energy than it recharges. At least I’ve got a beautiful sunrise peeking at me through the window.


I’ve got an upbeat recap post of sorts hanging in my draft, shedding light onto the past days of my absence. But I lack genuine motivation in putting it out there as yet. It feels wrong. It’s like I would be masking a huge part of sadness within me.. that I’ve been experiencing all this while, and continue to. I know I am not obligated in sharing my views on the happenings of the world; I have never implied that I would. The thing is, I shouldn’t refrain from pouring out my exact feelings if that is what I want to do.. Regardless of how it might rub others up the wrong way. Taking a cue from Sam’s mantra: it’s OK. What’s not okay is the bombing of innocent lives in Gaza.

Tell me – what religion condones the killing and maiming of hundreds of woman and children who possess nary a weapon to defend themselves? What religion allows the act of mercilessly rendering orphan and widow? None. We know that. Well, how can the world sit back and watch this sickening storm play out before our eyes? Or are we turning a blind eye?… afraid to speak out against -clearly- apparent injustice. I am not the first [and I will not be last] to be speaking against the monstrous rampage the Israeli soldiers are on through Gaza. Destroying homes, shelling schools filled with tiny tots, shattering lives.

Screen-Shot-2014-07-19-at-7_44_41-AMpicture source

As humanity we have evolved greatly.. the most advanced in technology, the most well educated. How can such a level of cruel ignorance exist? The worth of a human’s life has diminished to… nothing.

There are news shows refraining from revealing everything. I ask you to watch Al Jazeera (who seems to disclose the most) to at least see for yourself.

Can we, as sane caring human beings stand up for human rights? Are we going to prove that we care by talking out against a crime to humanity? Let us refresh our minds on what a war entails: when two opposing parties partake in battle against one another. This is not a war. This is oppression. As a mother in Ghaza spoke on the murdering of her young [sleeping] son, and I quote; “what did my child (or anyone in our house) do or have that they needed to fire tank shelling’s in the dead of the night into our home for!?”

pray for gazaimage source


4 thoughts on “I will not pretend to NOT care

  1. And what right does Hamas have to use civilians as human shields and to trap them in their own city so that they may not leave?

    • Hmm, well why should the Palestinians be driven from their homeland, as Israel has been trying to do for so long – cutting off food and supplies from reaching the people. I actually do not see how the Hamas are “using them as shields” ; are the civilians not entitled to a right of safety on their land and in their homes!?! Venting frustrations and anger onto the civilians because they simply cannot get the men they’re after sounds no better.

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