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30 days…in food

Before I proceed with what my title implies; no I did not take a blogging break in order to learn lessons in food. I could attempt to recap the marvellous chapter in life that runs deeper than I can entirely fathom, but I’m not comfortable with that.. just yet. I need to quietly bask in my rejuvenated soul, to contemplate in thought the essence of what the past 30 days held. A week into my technology break  revealed an unsurprising revelation: technology in itself I can back away from. It’s the blogger’s “voices” I miss too much. I found myself visiting my favorites on the daily – even chiming in at times!

Food is a constant in whatever journey we embark on; it holds a place strongly in tradition and joy. And you can’t argue that – myself coming from a twisted relationship with it in restricting – it is something celebrated. Never mind that I snapped nary a photo of a single food item…food played a big role. As always.

A smattering of foodie thoughts over the past while:

  • Nothing like a breakfast heavy in fat to keep me going for a long time.
  • Swiss rainbow chard sautéed in butter and freshly crushed garlic – my new favourite. Of course it would not be possible without this fantabulous invention. imagesimage source



  • Taking a bite of broccoli and going “Aahh heaven”. Taking a bite of steak pizza and doing the same.
  • Consuming a huge cinnamon bun is totally fine… until the tummy starts complaining rebelling. Fascinating that the one element I love with all my heart (sugar), my body will mysteriously start hating not liking so much. Hate is a strong word, amIright? And should be preserved for humans only 😉 .
  • The only thing better than a freshly baked homemade calzone? One stuffed with a spicy potato filling! Double carb whammy 🙂 .
  • When approached on the topic of how I am fairing with my braces and whether I was hesitant to get them due to eating being limited; I am quick to state of my lack of fondness for meat etc. Yet… the past few days I have eaten more steak than when I didn’t have braces.  Because I wanted it. Weird.
  • Sitting around the dining table with my family and realising: I’m a blessed human.
  • This chocolate mousse smoothie topped with a sliced strawberry. Why one strawberry? There was only one remaining in the container, and I was at a loss at what to do with it. Because I’m a weird creature who doesn’t do berries on their lonesome. Unnecessary rambling aside; I would suggest you whip up that smoothie now and follow my cue. To die for.
  • A table of teens breakfasting at 5 AM can get whacky. Awesomely so!
  • There’s something about doughy white bread…<3.
  • Pear and peanut butter in the new “apple & nut butter” . I was a huge fan some time back, and as it goes – promptly forgot about the magical pairing. Since I am too scared to do raw apple, pear falls in as a magnificent substitute, with a little more give than crunch to its bite.
  • So I’ve been well acquainted with traditional butter croissants; usually at a coffee shop, smothered with butter and jam. Try to imagine my initial surprise at coming face-to-face with one filled with a chicken, cheesy, onion, tomato filling. I was intrigued. And sceptical. Until the first bite, where all doubts flew out of my mind. Jee willikers! Swoooon. My sister is a genius and I will probably be asking her to send me savoury croissants every day for the next month or so.
  • White almond butter is not as good as it’s robust roasted counterpart. If I am correct, white almond butter is raw skinless almonds – resulting in a smooth mild nutty flavour. Usually ridiculously over-priced I am quick to turn on my heel on our encounter at the store. Conniving human’s would go and slice of 20% on the day I step in. Still over-priced, but not ridiculously. I am enjoying it, but it does have me yearning for the boldness of the roasted kind. Hmmm now when is the next road trip?
  • Aaah I miss a good ol’ simple bowl of oatmeal without the addition of an egg. Time to get back to basics if I intend to keep happy.
  • Powdered black pepper doesn’t stand a chance against roughly crushed. That, or my taste buds are losing sensitivity – tell me I’m not the only one who eats with the pepper shaker at my side for regular sprinkles!?
  • Classical snacks never go out of fashion; I find myself returning to the trusted banana & pb staple time and again. With a newly discovered twist as off recently: a piping mug of hot chocolate on the side.
  • There’s a first time for everything, or in my case – second time… such as savoury breakfasts for AM sweet eaters. The butternut squash and sweet potato on the side balanced the spiciness of the roast chicken perfectly though. That said, there’s a good chance lunch will be a nut butter and jam sandwich. I need my fix 😀 .


3 thoughts on “30 days…in food

  1. Okay, I absolutely love your posts. I’m so sorry I don’t comment on them more! I get into a habit of only commenting through Bloglovin’, which I can’t find you on! But I’m going to change that immediately because your writing is just wonderful. 🙂

    With regards to braces – I found for a few months my eating was limited, and then I ate EVERYTHING, even what they told me not to. With the exception of whole apples…I went 5 years only eating apples sliced because it just felt too weird not to. 😉

    • Don’t feel the need to apologise at all! The fact that you enjoy my writing and made the effort to let me know? year made 😀 . Ohh bugger, I don’t actually understand how Bloglovin’ works in regard to WordPress sites and such…

      Ahhh you had it for 5 years?!? Jee willikers. No wonder you rebelled so marvellously then! I’m in that awkward phase: so hesitant to loosen a wire so I’m refraining from even -raw- apples. Let’s see how long that lasts 😉 .

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