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Thinking Out Loud #26

My little mind has been working overtime on a million and one matters these days.. a hodgepodge of flowing emotions: happiness, humour, contentment, sadness, earnestness, gratefulness, longing. It’s time to take a deep breath and let some of it flow out loud a la Amanda.



1. I am deathly worried that in a few months my right arm will resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. I hadn’t considered what a strenuous workout tooth brushing can be when you’re dealing with braces… I mean, it is normal to brush for over 30 min. right? Add on to that the fact that in the majority of tasks my right arm is put to work over the left.. Now would be a good time to be ambidextrous.

imagesCA87NMXYimage source


2. There has been an influx of -supposed- compliments coming my way. We know that [unknown to the commenter themselves] what a detrimental effect it can play on an ED, and while I’ve been accepting it graciously all along – even believing some snippets of goodness myself… the direct remark yesterday -no matter the positive tone of voice- hit a bitter spot. Let me tell you, I am not the kind of human you want to rub up the wrong way. And yet… it was such a delicate situation; the person being a guest who had last laid eyes on me a full year back. Really now though, should the words “you’re so nice and plump now” not be reserved for humans under 2 years of age at the least!? Hmph.


3. So, nacho pasta casserole. Arguably one of the greatest inventions on earth; having only come across at it at a recent event myself – I promptly fell in love. Think fettuccine noodles in a tomato salsa with beans, topped with Doritos tortilla chips, melty cheese and blobs of sour cream. Of course being totally out of my “food photographing” groove means a photo of the actual -consumed- masterpiece is unavailable.

imagesCAWX79H1image source


4. The coming of the colder, drier weather required an immediate change up of shampoos. I’m rather wary of trying out new skincare products, so to save myself the stress of “does it work for me.. does it not”, I turned to my old winter stand-by.

Port Elizabeth-20140623-00273Not surprisingly now, I’ve got blogger(s) popping into mind at the very sight of it. Funny how that happens 😉 . I will admit that originally it was the humour on the bottle that won me over… a gorgeous sense of humour is an Aussie trait I assume?!


5. Am I the only one to showcase “chemically” beauty products I wonder? Okay the above shampoo does have macadamia nut oil… among a plethora of ingredients I cannot entirely pronounce. But hey, it works for me – my hair has never felt or looked better. I do believe that more natural products are better for us and the environment; I just don’t always end up following through on that. Eep.

shampoo cartoonimage source


6. I was never keen on following up on world news and the likes. I can’t pinpoint why not exactly… it just seemed somehow more pleasant to elude the dismal happenings from my already depressive [at times] state of mind. Things change however; brooding over my pitifulness have become few and far between and recent tragedies across the world are touching my heart beyond comprehension. I don’t want to fool myself into thinking the world is all happiness and rainbows. Without experiencing the pain in itself – I hurt… it impacts our lives no matter how far away. The fact that I live in the most blessed of situations, is all the more reason to be GRATEFUL.




Chime in on whatever you can relate to 🙂 !!


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #26

  1. As much as I’d like to switch over to completely natural beauty products, the reality of the matter is that they simply don’t work as well for me as some of the chemically laden ones. Ugh. I know. But I can’t help it… And I can’t even imagine what some people in our world are going through on a daily basis — like, it’s literally beyond my ability to comprehend. It really makes you think twice about complaining about a headache or traffic when there are people dealing with gunfire and bombs going off on a daily basis…

    • Oh you too?! I felt like I was totally going against the grain by fessing up on that.
      What I cannot comprehend is that these kind of actions can be allowed in this modern day and age…but yeah, definitely puts things in a different light for all of us.

  2. Arrgh those horrible “compliments”!! I know they’re almost always meant kindly, but remembering them sets my teeth on edge! I think the best way to get through it, for me at least, was to tell myself, “they just can’t find the right words to say what they really mean.” Because, honestly, what ARE the right words to say that you’re glad someone looks alive again? (But plump? REALLY? That should be reserved for toddlers and fruit.)

    Your presence of mind to remain grateful is inspiring. A good reminder for us all.

    • Alright, I’m stealing that method of getting over pathetic descriptive words; because while I handled it a lot better than I would believe I’m able to – I can’t lie that the words were floating at the back of my mind long after they were spoken. I mean.. I never thought of myself (I don’t believe I am) PLUMP!.. alive yes 🙂 ! Oh yeah, I do love me a plump nectarine though 😉 .

      Observing things as they are; I expect myself to.

  3. Even though I did try to brush my teeth very thoroughly when I had braces, I don’t think I ever spent 30 minutes engaged in that task. Still, who cares if it is “normal” or not, right? “Normal” is such a vague and subjective word 😉 I can understand why you were a bit irked by that so-called compliment, since “plump” doesn’t exactly have positive connotations when used to describe a person! Fruit, however, is a completely different story…..However, I am glad you handled it well, and as you said, I am sure he or she didn’t intend to insult you or trigger possibly negative thoughts. Personally, I haven’t used “regular” shampoo in more than a year; instead, I stir up a mixture of baking soda (1 tablespoon) and water (1 cup) and a second mixture of apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon) and water (1 cup). I use a small amount of each mixture (maybe 2-4 tablespoons) whenever I wash my hair, which is usually every other day. Though it took my hair a while to adjust to the change in shampoo (not to anthropomorphize my hair), it works quite well now. Still, since your hair is mainly made of dead skin cells, I doubt that the chemicals in shampoo are quite as harmful as chemicals in other products such as deodorant, where there are pores in your skin that can absorb those chemicals. I hope you have a lovely day!

    • Since I am a tad concerned about the issue of my right arm growing the hulks muscles while my left arm remains its twiggy self; maybe aiming for a little less time wouldn’t be a bad idea. Hahaa yeah to the “normal”… almost as subjective as “plump”!? I’m guessing that coming from someone very different – from another city – made it less traumatising. But dang!.. I was not pleased.

      Hmm, why does that shampooing technique [coming from you] <- I mean this in the best way possible! – not surprise me in the least 😉 . So this may sound strange: I am creeped out by the idea of apple cider and baking soda in my hair! Nevertheless, I am impressed that it works for you 🙂 .
      Best wishes Kendra xo

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