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Thinking Out Loud #27

Collaborating in the famous Thursday movement with Amanda today; an invitation to ramble on without a concrete purpose and aim? Hard to turn down… as the week draws to a close, it’s needed.



1. Two 1/2 cup measurements of liquid do not equal to 1 cup. Theoretically yes,  but in the outcome of my bowl of oatmeal – no. I see myself questioning every some school lessons, beyond what I’ve learnt in fractions. The takeaway from this: do not be lazy to wash out the dirtied 1 cup…. AM oatmeal is too precious to risk spoiling the texture I love.


2. As a form of establishing my body’s state of “idealness”, the day after discovering that I was in fact at my goal weight for quite some time; Aunty Suzy arrived in her first LEGIT, REAL, UNDOUBTFUL visit. Cue several hernia’s amid sobs and squeals [of joy]. After a considerable stage of toying with my mind – the game’s over in that aspect 😀 . Naturally this was cause for a celebration that included pizza. Because, pizza can only serve to make Aunt Suzy happy right 😉 ?!

Mushroom, tomato, feta and parmesan

Mushroom, tomato, feta and parmesan


3. On that note let’s talk about what aided in the arrival of her esteemed visit. While I am not a medical anything, I actually have a few notions on factors which helped heal my body sufficiently… hear me out! I was rather late in taking the step to consume full-fat milk on a regular basis, but I felt tons better once that was in a daily rotation, along with full-fat cheese whenever I was in the mood for cheese. Eating aside, I have concluded that the percentage of body fat I possess right now plays the determining role in things. I will -honestly- not call myself fat ( because hello! I am not) but I’m aware that I comprise of a decent amount of fat…in all the right places 😀 … if that makes any sense.


4. If you haven’t detected the vibes yet, I feel I should mention anyway: I’m on a confident stint as off recently… comfortable in my body, content with myself – it’s  a strangely thrillingly stupefying sensation. I don’t know where it came from or how it got here, but I’m loving it. It could be something in the air since I know I’m not alone in this!?

body positivityimage source

We are quick to voice our struggles with “bad” body days… it feels good to simply proclaim how good my mind feels on that side of things.


5. I constantly internally declare to grow up with my reading choices, only to fall back onto – I suppose – material that should captivate humans of a younger calibre. Whether that means my mental capacity is immature for my age or not, matters little right now, because this one has me snared big time!Wings

I started it on Monday and come Tuesday evening I was eagerly getting stuck into the sequel “Spells“.Spells

Enchanting ❤ . When you fall in love with the character(s), you know it’s a winner. Pike, you’re a beauty.


6. I have dropped out of my food photographing groove in the span of the last month. Perhaps its partly due to having guests around joining us at most meal times – which means everyone dining together, directly translating (I imagine) into the guaranteed probingly inquisitive drama that would ensue, should I pull out my phone for a pic before my meal. facepalmimage source


7. When it comes around to wanting to share the gloriousness of a particular meal or the magicalness of a combination of tastes on the palate, I kind of really want to punch myself for not having just taken the bloomin’ photo. I *almost* didn’t get yesterday’s lunch on camera, but after a few mesmerised bites (you know when something hits.the.spot!?) there was no way I could refrain from broadcasting it.

potatoes roasted in olive oil, steamed broccoli, roast onion cream cheese for dipping

potatoes roasted in olive oil, steamed broccoli, roast onion cream cheese for dipping


8. On the discussion of eating in company at the table; I would never have believed the truth in it – myself having being accustomed to breakfast in bed while blog reading – had I not experienced it every single day for 30+days straight, but there is a higher sense of satiety and “completeness” derived when mealtime is valued over company – in the moment. Of course I speak only from my personal take on this…


9. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so do extend on any of the topics that you wish to share 🙂 .


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #27

  1. I know exactly what you mean about feeling more and more confident in your skin despite having a body that you couldn’t have imagined accepting at some point in the past — I feel exactly the same way. Honestly? I attribute a big chunk of that to the fact that my brain is finally getting the nutrients that it needs, enough to ease up on the disordered thoughts. I actually suffered from way more body image issues when I weighed less, probably because of the whole ‘starved-brain syndrome.’ Anywho… super happy for you, lady 🙂 Life’s good when you’re good and healthy.

    • I agree with that theory wholeheartedly. And it sounded unbelievable.. until I experienced it . Thank you for your kind words Amanda 🙂 .

    • Eeee it’s such a foreign state of mind to be in right now – almost seems too good to be true. Buuut I best be thankful… and own it of course 😀 .
      Funny how easy it is to fool yourself when you in a malnourished state – at least we’ve learnt to know better.

    • Hahaa thank you for making me laugh.. and for cheering me on 😀 .
      Aahhh the cream cheese is just too good; I’ve been smearing on everything.. of course it pairs the best with roast potatoes 😉 .

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