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Dedication is…

rising up a earlier to run bake before the world awakens. I’ve mentioned my lack of fondness at labouring in the kitchen; the situation is made a little pleasant if I can ensure that I will be the only soul there making a mess.

lugging around a monstrously over-sized cast iron skillet without warming up prior. It was not a smart move on my part to whet the appetite for a particular baked goodie without ascertaining the possession of the required baking tools. I suppose a replica from the 1950’s is better than nothing!?

getting butter on my fingers. I love butter okay, just not on my skin..eeyugh, so icky.

getting raw egg on my  fingers while attempting to separate the yolk from the white. Save me! It’s a good thing I wasn’t suffering morning nausea.

chopping up a bar of Lindt 70% in place of chocolate chips. We rarely have chocolate chips in the house – blame it on the lack of the stuff in the stores this side of the world.

taking a huge risk by sticking the overgrown pot/skillet thingy in the oven and hoping for the best. That’s part of my breakfast after all, I can’t deal with a flop!

reassuring the panicky voice inside of me twisting my guts into a nervous spasm – when 20-25 min. later…the masterpiece is clearly raw. What have I done? Deep breaths woman; it’s probably down to that block of iron the dough is in.

chomping down on a -cubed- pear (thank you braces *note the use of sarcasm*) to appease my demanding tummy. Any moment now…

chocolate chip skillet cookie

Do excuse the surrounding floury mess; this is amateur baking at its finest.

You know something, it’s a very good thing that – for the most part – I lack the nerve that contributes to embarrassment. Because now would be a suitable time to feel that way: yet another recipe of Amanda’s.. the gorgeous Chocolate chip skillet cookie. I’m guessing it’s that whole “tried and trusted to my taste buds” stigma, which is why I tend to revolve around her recipes.

choc chip skillet cookie & milk

Warm from the oven alongside chilled milk ❤

Honestly, I almost didn’t wind up making it… after Mum gifted me with this before leaving me for a few days on an out of town trip

Cadbury Oreo

It’s a newcomer around these parts!

Between that blighter, a heavy supply of Salticrax & Nutella, and a stash of butter croissants – safe to conclude I am not short of my favourite forms of indulgent fare. But those wouldn’t satisfy a chocolate chip cookie-cake craving. I declared I would always choose “cake” over cookies, and I’m not going back on that statement, regardless of my natural contradictory nature. This is NOT a cookie folks…

skillet cookie-cake

A little bit brownie, a little bit cake, with the crispy edges of a cookie… to sum it up – this is perfection.

I am stumped at the correct manner of storage though. As it does contain egg, do I need to refrigerate?


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