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Thinking Out Loud #30

Guys, I am turning into a chatterbox. Help me! Never mind having been an incessant squeaking cricket the past few days in addition to other forms of technical talking…I am left with a molehill of mumble jumble up in there; ready to pounce on my next innocent victim. Which would be you by the way. Gotta love the lover of randomness Amanda and her invitation to Think Out Loud.



1. Do you know those cravings that manage to simply possess you? I get that way too often admittedly, and it happens to be SO pin pointedly specific…it.kills.me. In a good way. Okay, once I have it satisfied. Since last week I’ve been craving a freshly baked scone with strawberry jam and  a foamy cappuccino. There’s just been too much going on to schedule in a coffee date among all the cheesecake…


and chocolate 😀 . But if it doesn’t happen this week….I stand a strong chance of losing my mind.


2. Fringes are happening people!

fringed top-Traffic

Alright they’re practically old news BUT here’s the deal: unless I am bitten and snared myself, a fashion item announced to be hot and happening through the media is not going to work it’s way into my wardrobe. It’s all down to the chemistry of attractions I believe, which runs much further than the spark between two souls.


3. On the topic of chemistry; the excitement in the reunion with Nutella is waning…my taste buds have grown dull to it and restless – ever demanding a thrill found in a foreign taste and texture. I was remarkably conscious of a nagging need of extra nourishment as off -3 days ago.. perhaps the absence of sufficient wholefoods and a gravitation toward “empty” desserts and sugars – amidst all the PMSing and mood swings – left me low in important vitamins and minerals. What I am -to my pleasant surprise- all gaga for right now, is beans. That’s right, to go along with a brain full of beans figuratively speaking, I am now legit craving them. Garbanzo beans to be precise.


4. I had all but entirely forgotten the honourable bag of chickpea flour collecting dust on the counter… my mind fresh into the chickpea “obsession” zoned in on Aunty Arman’s commendation of this recipe in his breakfast round-up. Pizza for breakfast? No thank you. But it would be simply glorious for lunch…

chickpea crust pizza

topped with Garlic Sweet Chilli sauce, zucchini scrambled eggs in butter and chunky avo slices.

And I learned all over again that I am an absolute nutcase at making anything pancake-ish. I must have prodded and poked at the poor thing 5.5 billion times while it tried to cook. Despite my abuse man-handling it turned out scrumptious!


5. I should confess a little matter weighing slightly heavily on my chest: You call it zucchini… we (meaning the humans labelling the packages in this part of the world) call it.. get this.. Marrows *jaw hanging*. Of all the stupefying!? … mar-rows. Why does that sound so icky, hah?! Oh and leave that appalling fact; I was adamant zucchini failed to exist at all over here, casting an uninterested eye over the marrows. It was only upon Syd informing me – from her time in SA – that I awoke to this mystifying vegetable. I think I’m in love.


6. Testimonial to the continual chickpea crazy stint (that, along with being captivated by the hummusapien’s recipes) is the dessert I whipped up yesterday. After legit pining for it for 30 hours… I kid you not.

I wanted a nourishing dessert and this was it. I hereby pledge to never undermine it’s rich gloriousness by “wasting” this hummus on unworthy forms of dippage. For now: spoon and finger is my standard vehicles. I choose to overlook the “error” on the recipe – stating it serves 6, because I refuse to accept I am capable of packing away 3-4 servings in one day.  It’s a sheer miracle that my tummy is content with it!


7. Humans who are obsessed with feet do exist right? I mean, I’ve read a number of amusing instances in different novels yet haven’t come across it in real life. Or rather, haven’t had it made known to me…not to be mistaken, I am grateful to be ignorant if it is common because I reckon I’d be majorly weirded out. I was completely taken aback that a feet frenzy is not exclusive to humans; made clear when I was lounging on the stoep on a chilly morning the other day…

foot-loving ram

Oh my socks were squeaky clean so you don’t have to feel sorry for the blighter developing some disease.


8. This edition of Thinking Out Loud has been -as is the norm- chipped away at from around Tuesday, which makes an update on the dessert hummus situation compulsory. When I experienced the first lick straight from the blender my first thought was: frosting. This needs a slice of chocolate cake to be hernia-inducingly spell-bounding. Or is that spell binding?! Regardless – this one minute chocolate cake slathered with chocolate PB dessert hummus is magnificent.

With that I’m off…

That's all folks!image source

Share some of your thoughts with me!


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #30

  1. So I’m not much of a savoury breakfast person, but I’m legit drooling over that breakfast pizza. I think I know what I’ll be having for lunch today! And you’re lucky to have your cravings so specific! I’ve been going CRAZY for the past couple of days with trying to figure out mysterious cravings… Yesterday it turned out to be some vegan cookie dough, but it took me -forever- to figure that out, and it wasn’t a fun process!

    • Demystifying cravings is the most arduous process I agree! It wasn’t usually this straightforward for a looong time; I am gratefully ecstatic that it is…for now.

  2. I’ve definitely fallen “victim” to specific cravings before, ranging from dark chocolate to a thick slice of whole-grain bread to a plate of marinated/fried tofu cubes. Perhaps your bean craving does indeed reflect a need for more protein or iron in your diet at the moment, since legumes are chock-full of those nutrients! That chocolate-peanut butter hummus looks incredibly tasty, though I doubt it would last longer than a couple of days, even if I was the only one eating it…Serving sizes rarely reflect how much I eat of a certain food 😉 A bag of chips that supposedly contains eight servings? More like three or four. “Marrow” does sound like an odd name for a squash, mainly because it reminds me of bone marrow, which I don’t exactly eat on a regular basis. Or at ALL, to be exact, since I am a vegetarian. Though even if I wasn’t, eating bone tissue probably wouldn’t sound appealing anyway. I adore that picture of your feet and the sheep–perhaps it was attracted to the scent of your socks. Or maybe even the color. Unless sheep are color-blind…OK, I just Googled it, and it seems that sheep CAN see in color, though not quite as well as humans. In case you were curious about sheep vision. I’ll stop rambling now before my comment becomes as long as your post. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Yep, I’m only too thrilled to be craving beans 😀 .. they are marvellous little powerhouses aren’t they! Don’t even get me started on the serving sizes for chips; hah it just helps to make the packet look “busy” without serving any real purpose in my opinion.
      Bingo: bone marrow. That was is my perception exactly :shudder: . I pass as a decent meat-eater but bone marrow? Gives me the ghrills.
      Hahhaaa you Googled up on sheep vision!? Okay, a good piece of information to keep in mind – not something I actually gave any thought to I’ll admit. I’ll go with the colour appealing to him then, since an alluring foot scent doesn’t sit extremely well with me 😉 … I mean, from the nose of a sheep; what does a good scent specify? The smell of hay probably?

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