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Carrot-muffin oatmeal bars

Another mystery solved: I know why I like to talk about food as much as I do. After being consumed in such a negative relationship with food for quite awhile, manipulating it and thus myself in order to deal with unhappiness swirling inside me like a raging monster… the elation in appreciating and delighting the senses upon nourishing myself [body and mind] with tasty food has me feeling ridiculously blessed every.single.day.

I’ll admit that I cannot “create” a recipe for the life of me and I have little to no interest in editing photos or possessing the understanding of snapping a good shot of eats. But I need to let you in on something stupefyingly cool: my taste buds are pure genius. And when I allow them to lead the way, I’m led to pretty delicious places. Approximately a week back I made these cashew and coconut oatmeal bars. The words that won me over? “reminded me of muffin tops”. Say what *eyes lit* !?

cashew coconut oatmeal barsOf course with a recipe as simple as that I failed to concoct any excuses either. These bars just won me over upon first bite… light, airy cereal bars were never my thing; I’m a fan of dense and chewy. As I munched on the second-last one in the batch -2 days ago, I was already investigating into an idea lodged up there for the next batch. Clean out of coconut and battling the constant prompt for carrot cake.. I thought why not? So I winged it.

carrot muffin bars

Replaced the coconut flakes with 1 large finely grated carrot.

Instead of cashews I went with 1/2 cup chopped walnuts.

Milk of choice was 1 cup of coconut milk.

When it came to tossing an egg into the wet mixture, a sear of doubt cut into me as I stared at what appeared the size of a pigeon’s egg. Bummer. Following intuition I almost threw another one in entirely… at the last deadly moments I bailed out at the looming possibly of ending up with a carrot omelette and went with just an extra white. I’m a smart human.

carrot-muffin oatmeal bar

The combination of flavours makes these bars incredibly satisfying and addicting all at once. So all credit of a winning recipe to the lady Khushboo, and I will strongly nudge into including a carrot-muffin twist among the combinations you experiment with, because let’s be real here…it is the kind of recipe that will be made on the regular.


6 thoughts on “Carrot-muffin oatmeal bars

  1. Those bars look delicious, and you should be proud of yourself for simply “winging it” and creating your own twist on the recipe! If I ever get around to making these bars, I would definitely love to use coconut milk as you did, since I assume it makes them even richer and tastier. Oh, and I would probably sub ground flaxseed for the egg and make other minor adjustments since I find it essentially impossible to follow recipes exactly how they are written out 😉 Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, and I once had a vegan carrot cake for my birthday–it was delectable.

    • Oh thank you! I am a little chuffed 🙂 . The coconut milk does take things to a whole new level; I almost stated it as “carrot cake” oatmeal bars, but then I decided it more obviously resembling a muffin. It’s an admirable confidence to adjust recipes to your suitability (so do what you gotta do).
      A well made carrot cake is a delight.. I need to try out a vegan take on it!

    • Haha, I either love or hate when those coincidents happen; it’s not too much fun when I’m munching a banana and I come upon a banana CAKE recipe. The contrast kills.me. Glad you like the look of these bars 😀 !

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