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Life happens. Live it!

Allow me to stew in my ignorance at the time span since my last post and ramble along as though we’ve just chatted yesterday. It does seem that way honestly; life is just so full and bursting at the seams with the act of living <- (a sensation relatively new to this ex-robot)…why not have a glimpse through the lens via the lovely Linda’s fun hangout.

LIP linkup

Yesterday in pictures (with as few words as alienly possible)…

Prayers <3

Prayers ❤


Beanies coffee



coffee and fresh air; two of my favourite things


building up my office to-do list

building up my office to-do list


chocolate granola bars

whipped up my 2nd batch of these spellbounding granola bars in a week!

I love a recipe that’s basically impossible to flop. These are that…it helps that I find them absolutely utterly mesmerizing. They have a delicate sweet/saltiness to it – probably due to my choice of nut butter (peanut) – and that along with the most divine texture, deems their addictive quality. I actually am incapable of snacking on anything else when I’ve got a stash of these bars. In a mind-boggling state of circumstances I can never get 10 bars, either 8 or 9…I cannot for the life of me tell you why that is though. I can however disclose that the warm dough is irresistable 😉 .


Oh summer, where are you? :sigh:




dry brushing


Please note that just because I didn’t bother to capture meals does not mean I wasn’t eating! After the first mouthful at supper though, the flavours just hit.the.spot so incredibly it had to be given honourable mention. You know the plate that gets thrown together in 5 minutes flat only to blow you away?!


A tortilla filled with pumpkin, spicy chilli and cream cheese. The apple on the side gave the star of the show a magical “zing”!

Nice to end on a satisfied belly don’t you think?


For the the first time in a long time I’m really living…I’ve re-discovered myself and found the person I am. It makes my days unexplainably content and complete – so yes I’m not sure if this blog will have any direction. As much as I’m brimming with thoughts and chitter-chatter, I have grown tremendously in a short period of time; it’s not all that appealing to work on posts when I am deriving so much pleasure from conversing with those around me. The moment I’m in the mood to share – you bet I’ll be here!

Let’s experience and enjoy every single second guys 🙂 .





17 thoughts on “Life happens. Live it!

    • Hmmm that does sound just about bang on yes; as long as I am happy about blogging as I feel like it, I know I’m okay 🙂 .
      Well you this is one of the funnest link-up’s ever 😉 …

  1. Pumpkin + chili = a dinner match made in heaven. Honorable mentions to apples + spicy food. Sad that the weather’s dreary, but I love your grey coat and boots! (Dreary weather is actually my favorite, because it’s an excuse for scarves and big ugly socks.)

    • It was my first time venturing into that heavenly match – can you believe!? Oh I am such an spoilt brat…at the dragging out peak of summer I can faintly recall myself weeping for the coziness of winter. Eep.
      Big ugly socks? I swear my term for them is “cute and funky” 😉 .

    • Oh they are! The satchel bag has just recently became mine…so yes I’m fresh into the love affair with it myself 😀 .
      Thank you for stopping by Nicole 🙂 .

  2. Those no-bake bars look SO delicious, and that pumpkin tortilla business is making me hungry like crazy. I’ve never had a flavoured coffee that was actually tasty, but that double chocolate has me convinced I should scout a bit further afield 🙂

    • Ohmygosh, the flavours combined in the pumpkin tortila was seriously fabulous. Ahh yes, coffee lover’s tastebuds do vary hugely from one human to the next; the double chocolate is however the first one that won me over after many trials. Don’t give up!

  3. Pumpkin chili cream cheese is something i have never ever heard of before! Especially in a taco… Wow, I’m impressed with your food choices. Makes mine not even comparable.

    And I am such a weakling for raw dough. They call me the bowl cleaner for a reason(I could just eat raw cookie dough and I tend to lick the bowl squeaky clean), but WARM dough just brings it to a whole other level I cannot wait to try.

    Thanks for dropping by the #LIPlinkup party, we hope to see you again on the 7th of November. 🙂

    • Well I doo have a reputation as an adventurous eater…but then again that’s down to living with boring eaters. Don’t tell them I said that! Oh wait, I told them already.
      So as a bowl-cleaner – are you up for employment? We can save on water 😉 .
      I loved joining 🙂 … if I’m not in another city on some impulse holiday; I don’t see whhy not 😉 !

  4. I’m missing summer weather too! 😥 (Your coat is super cute though!)

    That pumpkin chili cheese tortilla looks effing amazing. ❤ I'm probably going to have to try to recreate it now, haha. Thank you for the inspiration! :]

    • I’m almost embarrassed by the fact that in the heat of a looong summer I was crying for winter :facepalm: .
      Oh I kid you not, it was absolutely utterly delicious. Thank you for stopping by girl 🙂 .

    • Uh oh, now you’ve mentioned it – don’t be surprised if I pop up on your doorstep tomorrow 😉 . Seriously though, today has been yet another frosty cold one 😦 .

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