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Thinking Out Loud #32

What’s a girl to do when she is hit with a sudden urge to think out loud on a Saturday?? The obvious: check out if Amanda’s still got the welcome sign up and pitch up [fashionably] late 🙂 .



1. Daylight savings. What is it? Why is it? How is it? Oh and one more thing – why don’t we have it?


2. I am becoming a walking accident. I don’t even understand how it came about, but the amount of bumps, scrapes and knocks I’m getting into on a daily basis is astounding! In a period of 3 measly days I’ve managed to slice at my fingers twice on separate occasions(!) and bang my head into furniture that miraculously jumped in the way several times.

clumsy quoteimage source


3. Disney leggings are like a little dream come true…

Disney legging



4. I remember attesting to purple being my favourite colour all along; while it will always be close to my heart I find myself drawn toward coral these days. There’s something about it: light-hearted, cheerful, without being outrageously shocking ❤ .


5.  The oatmeal groove I was religiously rocking kind of really fizzled out for about at least a month now. My fabulously loaded bowls…

peach stovetop oatmeal

just lost all fabulosity one morning…resulting in breakfast going all sorts of random. Truth be told, most mornings involved these bars I may still be hopelessly addicted to. I swear I’ve been through no less than 4 batches already.

chocolate granola bars

Until I made up my mind to fix me up a bowl of banana bread this morning. Hello newly beloved breakfast!

topped with creamed cottage cheese and peanut butter.

topped with creamed cottage cheese and peanut butter.


6. So, Peanut Butter. Let me just come clean here alright? If I had easy access to your nemesis (Almond butter) I would not be devoting my heart and soul to you (I do love you though!) as is the current circumstances. I almost hate admitting it to myself even; but in a matter of days I’ll be receiving my second jar of Almond butter for the year and you best believe there’s going to be some exuberant joyful squeals. Humans of the house – it might be a wise idea to invest in a pair of earplugs 😀 .

Almond butter


7. When my elder sister confessed to experiencing nightmares of a wire loosening in her braces back in those days, and assured me I’d have them too (the nerve of her!), I brushed it off as the most ridiculous, outlandish sounding dilemma ever. Well whaddaya know? It happened just the other night. The irony of the situation had me giggling more than anything else however!

braces funny

image source

^I could relate majorly to that on a constant basis…thank goodness it’s deteriorated as I’ve grown more in tune.


8. I’ve done some pondering on the matter and I believe I know why I’m kind of really on a blogging backseat. Hear me out. I am deriving greater pleasure from connecting and interacting on a more personal level; whether through texts or emails – sharing an opinion with someone and eagerly awaiting their response…or in real life contact – an awareness of the expression on the face I’m conversing to…hearing and almost feeling the emotion in the voice speaking to me. It’s just..fullfilling. Do you feel me?

SMILE!image source

Share some of your thoughts with me folks!


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #32

  1. Mmmm almond butter… I certainly prefer it but wish it wasn’t so darn expensive! If you have access to a reasonably priced supply of almonds, I’d definitely recommend having a go a making it! So good…

    Ps. Very jealous of your Disney tights! ♡

    • I’ve heard only thee most amazing things about homemade nut butter…I am yet to get around to doing it myself though!
      P.S It was love at first sight for me too 😀 .

  2. Now that daylight savings time is over, and we’ve switched our clocks back one hour, it gets dark here in Oregon around 4:30 or 5:00 PM, which is rather unfortunate. Though on the plus side, the sun rises at an earlier time, so it isn’t quite so dark-ish when I ride my bike to my college classes in the morning. Oh, and I found an interesting article on daylight saving time; here it is:
    I am often rather klutzy as well, even though I am a dancer and supposedly have good coordination skills…But when I get lost in my own thoughts and musings, I tend to bump into doors and tables on a regular basis. I’ve actually been eating more peanut butter than almond butter recently, and can easily go through a 36-ounce jar of Adams Crunchy Peanut Butter within one week. This is partly because peanut butter is cheaper than almond butter at most stores, unless I make the drive up to Costco to get almond butter there. But it’s also because I was mostly eating almond butter throughout the summer, and wanted to change things up a bit. What a thrill, right?? I lead such an exciting life 😉 I think it’s great that you are focusing on developing more personal relationships and sort of putting your blog on the back burner for now–if that’s what works for you right now, then I wholly support it! Not that you need my support, of course. It is your blog, after all. My point is, I know what you mean about the whole “put blogging on the backseat” thing.

    • You never fail to impress me with your gifted rambling abilities lady 🙂 ! So I am most definitely going to check out that article, because if anything – your report on the current circumstances after daylight savings have me even more intrigued.
      Lost in thought bumping into things sounds a touch better than doing so due to case of misjudgement in eye to limb coordination 😉 .
      Heyyy now, it’s all about the little aspects right?..switching up nut butters are a legit thrill in the big scheme of life.
      Seriously, thank you for your supportive words on the matter; it’s a magnificent feeling to be completely present and alive in interacting after such a long time..I’m really soaking it all in 🙂 .

  3. You found my blog so here I am checking yours out! You’ve got some great eats. Is that yogurt on top of your oatmeal? I always worry about putting yogurt on top of something warm….I don’t know why it freaks me out so much!

    • Thank you for stopping by Laura 🙂 ..makes me SO happy! While I usually roll with yogurt – that particular bowl has a dollop of creamed cottage cheese; delicious I swear! I hear you on certain food combinations skeeving you out…but I guess taking the plunge to try it pays off 😉 .

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