Thinking Out Loud #32

What’s a girl to do when she is hit with a sudden urge to think out loud on a Saturday?? The obvious: check out if Amanda’s still got the welcome sign up and pitch up [fashionably] late 🙂 .



1. Daylight savings. What is it? Why is it? How is it? Oh and one more thing – why don’t we have it?


2. I am becoming a walking accident. I don’t even understand how it came about, but the amount of bumps, scrapes and knocks I’m getting into on a daily basis is astounding! In a period of 3 measly days I’ve managed to slice at my fingers twice on separate occasions(!) and bang my head into furniture that miraculously jumped in the way several times.

clumsy quoteimage source


3. Disney leggings are like a little dream come true…

Disney legging



4. I remember attesting to purple being my favourite colour all along; while it will always be close to my heart I find myself drawn toward coral these days. There’s something about it: light-hearted, cheerful, without being outrageously shocking ❤ .


5.  The oatmeal groove I was religiously rocking kind of really fizzled out for about at least a month now. My fabulously loaded bowls…

peach stovetop oatmeal

just lost all fabulosity one morning…resulting in breakfast going all sorts of random. Truth be told, most mornings involved these bars I may still be hopelessly addicted to. I swear I’ve been through no less than 4 batches already.

chocolate granola bars

Until I made up my mind to fix me up a bowl of banana bread this morning. Hello newly beloved breakfast!

topped with creamed cottage cheese and peanut butter.

topped with creamed cottage cheese and peanut butter.


6. So, Peanut Butter. Let me just come clean here alright? If I had easy access to your nemesis (Almond butter) I would not be devoting my heart and soul to you (I do love you though!) as is the current circumstances. I almost hate admitting it to myself even; but in a matter of days I’ll be receiving my second jar of Almond butter for the year and you best believe there’s going to be some exuberant joyful squeals. Humans of the house – it might be a wise idea to invest in a pair of earplugs 😀 .

Almond butter


7. When my elder sister confessed to experiencing nightmares of a wire loosening in her braces back in those days, and assured me I’d have them too (the nerve of her!), I brushed it off as the most ridiculous, outlandish sounding dilemma ever. Well whaddaya know? It happened just the other night. The irony of the situation had me giggling more than anything else however!

braces funny

image source

^I could relate majorly to that on a constant basis…thank goodness it’s deteriorated as I’ve grown more in tune.


8. I’ve done some pondering on the matter and I believe I know why I’m kind of really on a blogging backseat. Hear me out. I am deriving greater pleasure from connecting and interacting on a more personal level; whether through texts or emails – sharing an opinion with someone and eagerly awaiting their response…or in real life contact – an awareness of the expression on the face I’m conversing to…hearing and almost feeling the emotion in the voice speaking to me. It’s just..fullfilling. Do you feel me?

SMILE!image source

Share some of your thoughts with me folks!


Thinking Out Loud #31

A headache hasn’t visited my head for ages, so much so – I’d forgotten what a pain it is. I’m taking the recent plaguing of one as a cue to release some of the mental baggage by joining in on the stream of randomness brought to you by Amanda. Thinking-Out-Loud

1. Thank goodness for a mid-week holiday is all I can say! Not that I excused myself from the office – having a good amount of catching up to play – but just the relief of a day without any calls and queries coming my way is a much-needed chance to restore my sanity after an absolutely shaky start to the week. When Tuesday dawned I was just about ready for the week to wrap up and felt in NEED of a 14 day weekend.what a week!image source

  2. I am traumatized people. When it came to work-related issues I’ve always had a sensible 90 year old brain on me…a few minutes of my naïve 19 year self surfacing was sufficient to destroy me. How else do I explain how in the world I’ve been *almost* completely scammed over the phone by some Windows technician fake? I don’t understand; me who trusts very few, sceptical of most, too occupied and “wise” to stumble into a trap. Or maybe that was the old me? Argh I just want to keel over and die when I think about it. What, you think that’s a touch too dramatic? Well, the bloody rouge managed to possess my precious laptop for a good while, because I was too gullible and impulsive. The worst part of it is the impact it had on me: mentally assaulted is not underplaying the way I feel.

Sylvester- don't mess with meimage source

 3. That is the distressing element though; I cannot get back at him who cruelly took advantage of my susceptibility. I am frustrated for letting up my guard after approaching the call with wary rudeness, knowing full well the danger of scams in business and I intended to deter the varmin hastily. But after coaxed by a few key words that impacted me as the “real deal”…argh moving on…

daffy duckimage source

    4. Oatmeal cooking methods are getting fancier around these parts. While Dad has been applauding the simplicity of instant oats, I am utterly adoring a key factor in this recipe at Oh She Glows. The procedure of cooking the banana for a bit in coconut oil before tossing in the liquid and oats is sensational. Fancier still, I went with a caramel-ly take on things the morning after by adding 5 small chopped dates along with the banana and allowing it to get a little melty prior to pouring in 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup rolled oats and a generous pinch of salt,, then leaving it to cook on low.

topped with cinnamon, chunky applesauce and peanut butter.

topped with cinnamon, chunky applesauce and peanut butter.

There is a little mindless game I amuse myself in when cooking up my oatmeal. I’ll fill the 1 cup at the sink -to the brim- and proceed to slither to the stove with exceptional steadiness in order not to spill a drop. I’ve developed into quite a veteran at the sport 😀 .

5. I just cannot take to cooking oatmeal in milk. I’ve tried again recently, curiosity compelling me to since I failed to clearly recall the last time I’d rolled with milk…  and while I’m all for the creaminess – the milk seems to mask the true earthy flavour of the oats. Not a fan. What I am a fan of is repairing my relationship with dried fruit (well, fruit in general) as per the bag of dates in my possession. Since it seems likely I won’t be getting up an entire post dedicated to it [which was the original plan]…you’re probably assuming that it was an ED fear to hesitate over dried fruit. Expected, but that is not the case. Having instilled in myself an outlandish phobia of fats, and consuming only veggies and fruits while harbouring a dominant sweet tooth meant that more often than not my entire supper consisted of a controlled portion of dried fruit or a huge bowl of sliced watermelon. Not surprising then that for the most part I am not in inclined to fruits; not because I don’t enjoy it, but there is a distinctive negative stigma surrounding it in my mind. Fruit = safe food.

6. Now that I’ve been for a good long while averted from fruit simply due to not craving it, I aim to start including more variety of dried/fresh fruit in my snacks…to try it out and see if I in fact enjoy it. I need to allow myself to experiment with eating all fruits once again without shunning them as part of the “ED history” and always choosing a more dessert-ish option over fruit without even giving myself a chance.

dates and a cappuccino

dates and a cappuccino (as inspired by our host!)

Jee willikers, do these dates not appear like cockroaches in this photo *shudder* !? I’ve been called out countless times -by photographically wise comrades- the error that is leaving the spoon in the shot. And yet, I keep forgetting – I cannot drink my coffee or hot chocolate without a spoon in!

7. This mental heaviness that has clutched onto me doesn’t seem to be have any plans in deserting, which means some action is required. It’s like… brain fog. No not brain fudge, brain fog. Very different, best not to confuse the two. Bright colours and soft materials prove to have a gently positive effect so that’s happening… picture083The polkadots instantly bring someone dear to mind 🙂 . Oh and fresh air! All the fresh air please…which I’m off to inhale right now before settling down to a big bowl of chocolate peanut butter oatmeal.     Any tips in getting through mental trauma? Perhaps I am behaving dramatically, but then I truly feel slightly destroyed. Share some thought with me! That would serve to delight me…

Thinking Out Loud #30

Guys, I am turning into a chatterbox. Help me! Never mind having been an incessant squeaking cricket the past few days in addition to other forms of technical talking…I am left with a molehill of mumble jumble up in there; ready to pounce on my next innocent victim. Which would be you by the way. Gotta love the lover of randomness Amanda and her invitation to Think Out Loud.



1. Do you know those cravings that manage to simply possess you? I get that way too often admittedly, and it happens to be SO pin pointedly specific… In a good way. Okay, once I have it satisfied. Since last week I’ve been craving a freshly baked scone with strawberry jam and  a foamy cappuccino. There’s just been too much going on to schedule in a coffee date among all the cheesecake…


and chocolate 😀 . But if it doesn’t happen this week….I stand a strong chance of losing my mind.


2. Fringes are happening people!

fringed top-Traffic

Alright they’re practically old news BUT here’s the deal: unless I am bitten and snared myself, a fashion item announced to be hot and happening through the media is not going to work it’s way into my wardrobe. It’s all down to the chemistry of attractions I believe, which runs much further than the spark between two souls.


3. On the topic of chemistry; the excitement in the reunion with Nutella is waning…my taste buds have grown dull to it and restless – ever demanding a thrill found in a foreign taste and texture. I was remarkably conscious of a nagging need of extra nourishment as off -3 days ago.. perhaps the absence of sufficient wholefoods and a gravitation toward “empty” desserts and sugars – amidst all the PMSing and mood swings – left me low in important vitamins and minerals. What I am -to my pleasant surprise- all gaga for right now, is beans. That’s right, to go along with a brain full of beans figuratively speaking, I am now legit craving them. Garbanzo beans to be precise.


4. I had all but entirely forgotten the honourable bag of chickpea flour collecting dust on the counter… my mind fresh into the chickpea “obsession” zoned in on Aunty Arman’s commendation of this recipe in his breakfast round-up. Pizza for breakfast? No thank you. But it would be simply glorious for lunch…

chickpea crust pizza

topped with Garlic Sweet Chilli sauce, zucchini scrambled eggs in butter and chunky avo slices.

And I learned all over again that I am an absolute nutcase at making anything pancake-ish. I must have prodded and poked at the poor thing 5.5 billion times while it tried to cook. Despite my abuse man-handling it turned out scrumptious!


5. I should confess a little matter weighing slightly heavily on my chest: You call it zucchini… we (meaning the humans labelling the packages in this part of the world) call it.. get this.. Marrows *jaw hanging*. Of all the stupefying!? … mar-rows. Why does that sound so icky, hah?! Oh and leave that appalling fact; I was adamant zucchini failed to exist at all over here, casting an uninterested eye over the marrows. It was only upon Syd informing me – from her time in SA – that I awoke to this mystifying vegetable. I think I’m in love.


6. Testimonial to the continual chickpea crazy stint (that, along with being captivated by the hummusapien’s recipes) is the dessert I whipped up yesterday. After legit pining for it for 30 hours… I kid you not.

I wanted a nourishing dessert and this was it. I hereby pledge to never undermine it’s rich gloriousness by “wasting” this hummus on unworthy forms of dippage. For now: spoon and finger is my standard vehicles. I choose to overlook the “error” on the recipe – stating it serves 6, because I refuse to accept I am capable of packing away 3-4 servings in one day.  It’s a sheer miracle that my tummy is content with it!


7. Humans who are obsessed with feet do exist right? I mean, I’ve read a number of amusing instances in different novels yet haven’t come across it in real life. Or rather, haven’t had it made known to me…not to be mistaken, I am grateful to be ignorant if it is common because I reckon I’d be majorly weirded out. I was completely taken aback that a feet frenzy is not exclusive to humans; made clear when I was lounging on the stoep on a chilly morning the other day…

foot-loving ram

Oh my socks were squeaky clean so you don’t have to feel sorry for the blighter developing some disease.


8. This edition of Thinking Out Loud has been -as is the norm- chipped away at from around Tuesday, which makes an update on the dessert hummus situation compulsory. When I experienced the first lick straight from the blender my first thought was: frosting. This needs a slice of chocolate cake to be hernia-inducingly spell-bounding. Or is that spell binding?! Regardless – this one minute chocolate cake slathered with chocolate PB dessert hummus is magnificent.

With that I’m off…

That's all folks!image source

Share some of your thoughts with me!

Thinking Out Loud #29

I swear blog parties are my saving grace in helping me stay get on track of days [when they aren’t serving to confuse me that is]. The dates of the month I am obliged to be aware of; no late tax payments from this human 🙂 … but Monday-Thursday has a tendency to morph into one big jumble in my head. On the topic of head jumbles: here’s mine coming at ya out loud – courtesy of her randomness Amanda!



1. For a long while I’ve been enjoying my time in the “selfie sidelines”… you know interested in seeing the world’s selfies but assuming it as awkward for me to get into. I should take note of it as an element of my personality [re] surfacing then, this keen snap happy state growing on me.


Half a face! Awkward.


2. The sea of sunflowers dotting the fields announce that spring has officially sprung, yet the weather itself? Not so much.


A rare day of sunshine followed in quick succession by overcast chilliness and thunderstorms… not to allow our anticipation to grow too intense of course. But then again, do I really discern the weather patterns that identify with Spring? Something tells me that I need to glance back on pre-school lessons… because in the depths of my memory there’s a tiny speck of understanding that Spring is generally wet weather. Oh Mrs R, you would NOT be proud of your beloved pupil right now.


3. Allow me to narrate a fascinating story concerning French toast. Last week sometime I was over at Alison’s and she was linking back to a previous post in regard to… *silence*. Think, think… ah yes! Double-unders! Right?! My intention was to check if I had in fact missed that post. Turns out that while I’d been there, I had not fully absorbed the hypnotizing effect of the French toast the lady had for breakfast.. and just like that *zap* – I was bewitched people. As expected it had to happen..

french toast -breakfast

French toast topped with chunky applesauce, cinnamon, orange blossom honey and peanut butter. Rooibos tea.

So mine doesn’t appear quite appropriately “French”… in matters of taste I’d give it 5 stars though. So.good. I envisioned having French toast for breakfast for a month straight at least, but after 3 consecutive days… I awoke one morning in a lovely nauseous state; the very idea of handling raw eggs turning my tummy upside down. Wait, what? Isn’t morning nausea exclusive to expectant woman?!   


4. The best antidote – in my humble opinion – to ease any iffiness [nausea anyone] will be tried and true oatmeal. And chocolate. And peanut butter. And coffee. You catch my drift? Don’t ask me what drift… just catch it.

stovetop bananafied oatmeal, swirled with Nutella in a PB jar. Coffee spiked with coconut milk.

stovetop bananafied oatmeal, swirled with Nutella in a PB jar. Coffee spiked with coconut milk.

I reckon there is no emphasis required to establish just how brain-blowingly amazingly these flavours came together. Let’s discuss Nutella instead. Such a hot and cold relationship I’ve been involved in with the sugar laden jar of chocolaty goodness, it’s a crime. There was no argument when my age was limited to the single digits; how could Nutella be anything but loved?! Followed the period where the sight of the stuff clogged my arteries. In the process of challenging fear foods – Nutella was one of the introductory convicts. My taste buds were however in that explicable “healthy” stage and I quickly determined Nutella as “eww“. As off -5 days ago… my world will never be the same again: new [naughty] taste buds meet New-tella. Hhahaa, that is such a bad pun I’m totally crying.


5. I’ve got some golden advice to anyone wanting to delight their senses in Nutella yet finding it too sweet. Pair it with salty. Period. You are almost guaranteed to derive maximum satisfaction from it… leave that, you will probably be hopelessly addicted. I speak from experience. Nutella on a buttery flaky croissant. Or my favourite: Nutella with Salticrax. Don’t say I didn’t warn you; you believe xyz is addictive? Not any longer…

Nutella & Salticrax


6. I’ve been nurturing back-to-back disappointments in the turn of events regarding the last two books I had my nose buried in recently. I cannot come to terms with the ending in the sequel to Wings  … it’s illegal.

In case you're curious - that happens to be a Cho Fudge Cookie Dough shake.

In case you’re curious – that happens to be a Choc Fudge Cookie Dough shake.

Respected authors: what joy do you derive from toying with our emotions? Aahh I just can’t; reminiscing on it is bringing a lump to my throat.

To recuperate from the sadness, I delved into a chapter of another long-standing “relationship”; the Fearless series. For the past year of journeying through the books I became wonderfully obsessed with Gaia’s character… only to have every single shard of respect and love for her shattered into smithereens in [what appears to be the final instalment] “Normal”.

Fearless 31Gaia how could you!?!


7. Reading makes me hungry. Without fail… there has to be a direct correlation between our energy exertion and that of our characters. Because seriously, one would think I was doing the ass-kicking with them, as opposed to sitting on mine all the while!


8. The diet police are an enthralling bunch (I kinda really want to design their uniforms). I’ve been contemplating and… those who come under any form of “attacks” should feel very honoured. Think of it this way: it must mean you’re an extremely important figure in society if your impression on any diet effects the reputation of it worldwide. I mean, why else would there be such drama surrounding what a human chooses to EAT for goodness sake!?


9. Are you still around?… tell me what’s on your mind!

Thinking Out Loud #27

Collaborating in the famous Thursday movement with Amanda today; an invitation to ramble on without a concrete purpose and aim? Hard to turn down… as the week draws to a close, it’s needed.



1. Two 1/2 cup measurements of liquid do not equal to 1 cup. Theoretically yes,  but in the outcome of my bowl of oatmeal – no. I see myself questioning every some school lessons, beyond what I’ve learnt in fractions. The takeaway from this: do not be lazy to wash out the dirtied 1 cup…. AM oatmeal is too precious to risk spoiling the texture I love.


2. As a form of establishing my body’s state of “idealness”, the day after discovering that I was in fact at my goal weight for quite some time; Aunty Suzy arrived in her first LEGIT, REAL, UNDOUBTFUL visit. Cue several hernia’s amid sobs and squeals [of joy]. After a considerable stage of toying with my mind – the game’s over in that aspect 😀 . Naturally this was cause for a celebration that included pizza. Because, pizza can only serve to make Aunt Suzy happy right 😉 ?!

Mushroom, tomato, feta and parmesan

Mushroom, tomato, feta and parmesan


3. On that note let’s talk about what aided in the arrival of her esteemed visit. While I am not a medical anything, I actually have a few notions on factors which helped heal my body sufficiently… hear me out! I was rather late in taking the step to consume full-fat milk on a regular basis, but I felt tons better once that was in a daily rotation, along with full-fat cheese whenever I was in the mood for cheese. Eating aside, I have concluded that the percentage of body fat I possess right now plays the determining role in things. I will -honestly- not call myself fat ( because hello! I am not) but I’m aware that I comprise of a decent amount of fat…in all the right places 😀 … if that makes any sense.


4. If you haven’t detected the vibes yet, I feel I should mention anyway: I’m on a confident stint as off recently… comfortable in my body, content with myself – it’s  a strangely thrillingly stupefying sensation. I don’t know where it came from or how it got here, but I’m loving it. It could be something in the air since I know I’m not alone in this!?

body positivityimage source

We are quick to voice our struggles with “bad” body days… it feels good to simply proclaim how good my mind feels on that side of things.


5. I constantly internally declare to grow up with my reading choices, only to fall back onto – I suppose – material that should captivate humans of a younger calibre. Whether that means my mental capacity is immature for my age or not, matters little right now, because this one has me snared big time!Wings

I started it on Monday and come Tuesday evening I was eagerly getting stuck into the sequel “Spells“.Spells

Enchanting ❤ . When you fall in love with the character(s), you know it’s a winner. Pike, you’re a beauty.


6. I have dropped out of my food photographing groove in the span of the last month. Perhaps its partly due to having guests around joining us at most meal times – which means everyone dining together, directly translating (I imagine) into the guaranteed probingly inquisitive drama that would ensue, should I pull out my phone for a pic before my meal. facepalmimage source


7. When it comes around to wanting to share the gloriousness of a particular meal or the magicalness of a combination of tastes on the palate, I kind of really want to punch myself for not having just taken the bloomin’ photo. I *almost* didn’t get yesterday’s lunch on camera, but after a few mesmerised bites (you know when something!?) there was no way I could refrain from broadcasting it.

potatoes roasted in olive oil, steamed broccoli, roast onion cream cheese for dipping

potatoes roasted in olive oil, steamed broccoli, roast onion cream cheese for dipping


8. On the discussion of eating in company at the table; I would never have believed the truth in it – myself having being accustomed to breakfast in bed while blog reading – had I not experienced it every single day for 30+days straight, but there is a higher sense of satiety and “completeness” derived when mealtime is valued over company – in the moment. Of course I speak only from my personal take on this…


9. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so do extend on any of the topics that you wish to share 🙂 .


Thinking Out Loud #26

My little mind has been working overtime on a million and one matters these days.. a hodgepodge of flowing emotions: happiness, humour, contentment, sadness, earnestness, gratefulness, longing. It’s time to take a deep breath and let some of it flow out loud a la Amanda.



1. I am deathly worried that in a few months my right arm will resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. I hadn’t considered what a strenuous workout tooth brushing can be when you’re dealing with braces… I mean, it is normal to brush for over 30 min. right? Add on to that the fact that in the majority of tasks my right arm is put to work over the left.. Now would be a good time to be ambidextrous.

imagesCA87NMXYimage source


2. There has been an influx of -supposed- compliments coming my way. We know that [unknown to the commenter themselves] what a detrimental effect it can play on an ED, and while I’ve been accepting it graciously all along – even believing some snippets of goodness myself… the direct remark yesterday -no matter the positive tone of voice- hit a bitter spot. Let me tell you, I am not the kind of human you want to rub up the wrong way. And yet… it was such a delicate situation; the person being a guest who had last laid eyes on me a full year back. Really now though, should the words “you’re so nice and plump now” not be reserved for humans under 2 years of age at the least!? Hmph.


3. So, nacho pasta casserole. Arguably one of the greatest inventions on earth; having only come across at it at a recent event myself – I promptly fell in love. Think fettuccine noodles in a tomato salsa with beans, topped with Doritos tortilla chips, melty cheese and blobs of sour cream. Of course being totally out of my “food photographing” groove means a photo of the actual -consumed- masterpiece is unavailable.

imagesCAWX79H1image source


4. The coming of the colder, drier weather required an immediate change up of shampoos. I’m rather wary of trying out new skincare products, so to save myself the stress of “does it work for me.. does it not”, I turned to my old winter stand-by.

Port Elizabeth-20140623-00273Not surprisingly now, I’ve got blogger(s) popping into mind at the very sight of it. Funny how that happens 😉 . I will admit that originally it was the humour on the bottle that won me over… a gorgeous sense of humour is an Aussie trait I assume?!


5. Am I the only one to showcase “chemically” beauty products I wonder? Okay the above shampoo does have macadamia nut oil… among a plethora of ingredients I cannot entirely pronounce. But hey, it works for me – my hair has never felt or looked better. I do believe that more natural products are better for us and the environment; I just don’t always end up following through on that. Eep.

shampoo cartoonimage source


6. I was never keen on following up on world news and the likes. I can’t pinpoint why not exactly… it just seemed somehow more pleasant to elude the dismal happenings from my already depressive [at times] state of mind. Things change however; brooding over my pitifulness have become few and far between and recent tragedies across the world are touching my heart beyond comprehension. I don’t want to fool myself into thinking the world is all happiness and rainbows. Without experiencing the pain in itself – I hurt… it impacts our lives no matter how far away. The fact that I live in the most blessed of situations, is all the more reason to be GRATEFUL.




Chime in on whatever you can relate to 🙂 !!

Thinking Out Loud #25

Looks like 9 (okay not really!), feels like 90.. what am I??

A rather random start to a day post isn’t it? Befitting – given the theme to Thinking Out Loud, thanks to our brain-saver/hostess Amanda.  Of course I am all sorts of giddy that today is a “double-whammy” celebration 😀 .



1.  Every food that passes my lips turns to gold. I wish I was kidding. That’s the way it seems though, because how else would I have an unspoken reputation of “she who only eats healthy food”? The cookie I ate probably had beans in, the bag of chips was high in magnesium, the chocolate has antioxidants, the cupcakes‘ protein wipes out the effect of its colorants, the spinach… ulp, well. Listen up people! Can I just eat the damn food because I want it!?! Not because it does 5.5 bajillion things to my scalp and toenails, darn it. It’s like, by succeeding in diminishing myself to a dissolving bag of bones, automatically means I harness the secret to the inner workings of everyone’s body. Yech.


2. Oh on the topic of cupcakes! No doubt the family will be revealing some baked creation later today, but I decided it a good idea to warm up with something of my own yesterday. Alright I was inpatient. I wanted a baked goodie.

chocolate chunk oatmeal muffins

chocolate chunk oatmeal muffins

This recipe caught my eye a long while back, and a recurring vision had me back-tracking to it. I’m growing wise people – I know better than to be without chocolate, so while chocolate chips weren’t available.. I got to work at shattering a bar of 70% . Mmmhm.. guess what I had for lunch? Hint: it was freshly baked, fluffy and oatmealy, and filled with melty chocolate chunks.


3. I recall learning a life lesson in the mystery of needing to pee upon entering the office. Picture this: entering a fitting room with an armful of dresses, then having to abandon everything in the search of a loo. Needless to say, I was not going to even bother with deriving some message out of that. I was bloomin’ annoyed. And diseased.

I need to do this!

I need to do this!

picture source


4. Proof of an excellent recipe is in it’s flexibility. As – I have discovered – is the case with this fool-proof formula for cake batter oatmeal pudding. It was one of those recipes instantly filed in my brain for a rainy busy, bumper-to-bumper day. Tuesday with its string of appointments called for a first meal that delivers. I got more than I bargained for; in both taste and satiety. I was slightly apprehensive at first, given that I was transgressing from the original guidelines: using 1 cup of coconut milk, excluding the coconut flour, and the coconut. My sweetener of choice was about a tablespoon of honey stirred through immediately after mixing the egg in.

breakfastTopped with smooth peanut butter – I am totally envying the big man with his CRUNCHY form. This was incredible. The texture had me swooning! I usually never experience a strong sense of fullness while consuming breakfast, but seriously – I was stuffed toward the end and fridged the rest for a snack later in the day. It served as a good token of trust; my body is more than capable of telling me when it’s had enough. That said, this is now on my regular rotated breakfast list.


5. I underestimated my level of love, and ultimately the time-span of polishing off my first box of oatbran. After a short period without, I am happily reunited. Allow me to throw a photo of yesterday’s breakfast at you..

breakfast-oatbranI’m loving a little coconut oil stirred through post-cooking. This particular bowl was layered with yogurt and cinnamon, topped with strawberries, honey and peanut butter.


6. I woke up to the most gorgeous email I could ask for! The lady herself may be residing across the wide, blue ocean – but she makes a pretty great impact in bringing a smile to my face [if it’s in hiding] or enabling my existing one to grow 🙂 .

smilingpicture source


7. As off this weekend begins the most marvellously important -busy- month of the year for me. I want to be “there” every single second.. experiencing with all my senses. I’ve spent some time reflecting on things; thus concludes my decision to step away from the magnetic pull of technology, the blog world as well. 32 days maximum. Not having any blogging schedule, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you lovely humans know I will miss you something crazy… aaaand I hope I will be missed too 😉 .


Until then. Happy days!

Back to the riddle I started off with: what am I?


Don’t forget to miss me!!